Mobilising The Big Society

Client: Your Square Mile
Campaign: Locals are doin' it for Themselves


Your Square Mile is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up to inspire and enable local people to drive positive change in their communities. Though two square miles often dominate the political agenda – The City and Wesminster – they are often redundant in solving local problems. The vision behind Your Square Mile was simple – if we could inspire the British public to look after their own square mile, our country would be in a far better place.

We were approached to create a new brand that could flex at a national and local level and inspire people to get involved. We also co-designed the website (with Conran Singh) that would provide the public with the practical tools and inspiration they’d need to make things happen.


People want to shape their own community in their own way. There’s no single solution – each community’s needs and ambitions are different.


We developed an idea – Locals are doin’ it for themselves – and supported it with a brand identity system where, rather than create a single monolithic identity (and logo), we created a system where each square mile could express its own identity whilst being part of a national mosaic.


The initiative soft launched in November last year. We’ll report back with how we get on.