Tour Fever. Catch it!

On July 5th, The Tour de France is coming to the UK for the first time since 2007. And after back-to-to back wins with British riders, Team Sky are going for the hat-trick.

The Challenge

To build the Team Sky fan base by bringing new people into the sport during the Tour de France.

The Thinking

Our strategy was to fuel the spectacle to build the fan base.

London 2012 taught us that the spectacle of a huge home event can bring scores of new fans into sports they would otherwise ignore.  So our campaign celebrates the fans and the spirit of the Tour by shining a light on the lengths that fans go to and the fun that can be had at the race. As the ‘British team’ we hoped that Team Sky would become the adopted team.

The Idea

Content across multiple platforms from experiential to digital & social to mini documentaries was united under one banner – #TourFever