Client: Evans Cycles
Campaign: The Great Evans Cycles Trade-in


Research revealed that there are millions of dilapidated, unused bikes across the UK clogging up garages, sheds and hallways.


By giving them trade-in value we can encourage people to get rid of these old bikes and get great deals on new ones.

“The Great Evans Cycles Trade-in”


Marketing/Advertising Campaign of the Year – Retail Week Enterprise Awards 2013

Retail Week’s ‘Campaign of the week’, May 5th 2013

Launch week – the best sales week in Evans Cycles’ 90 year history

37% uplift in sales YOY

108% increase in gross margin YOY

Market share shifted 18.6% to 20.6% over campaign period

April share of web traffic up 14% YOY (largest competition up by 5% and 0.5% respectively)

As a retailer our communications have to balance brand and direct response activity. We measure success by our sales figures. Antidote have understood how to create powerful direct response communications through the line and the results show it.

– Ben Hart, Director of Marketing and eCommerce, Evans Cycles

"How utterly delightful - and what an unexpected deviation from the normal range of sports equipment ads that urge you to go for the burn in your wallet. Genteel and elegant, this points out the uses we put our redundant old bicycles to - and explains mildly what we could have in their place instead....It's a reminder that good advertising is about one simple idea done well. This feels much longer than a 30" spot, not because it drags, but because it's conceived in such a way that it gives your brain time to let the notion evolve and flower. More, please."

– David Reviews