Turning rubbish into direct marketing

Client: Team Sky
Campaign: Team Sky Green Bottles



Every year during the Tour de France, each team gets through over 5,000 bidons (drinks bottles). During races, riders throw these to the side of the road when they’ve finished with them, littering the surrounding countryside.


As part of our campaign to be ‘The greenest team on the Tour’ we put our minds to how we could address this problem through harnessing fan power at The Tour.


Team Sky Green Bottles

We took each of Team Sky’s 5,000 Tour de France bottles and printed a unique code on the top. We then launched a competition through Team Sky’s facebook page: Pick up a bidon from the roadside, enter the unique code online and you’ll to be entered into a daily draw to win money-can’t-buy prizes from signed Tour jerseys all the way through to a Pinarello Dogma bike.


58% of the all the bottles used were collected and their codes entered. The competition gained huge attention on Team Sky’s Facebook (3,051 Likes and 2124 Shares) and Twitter pages (467 RT’s).

The Marketing Society called it ‘One of the freshest, most innovative social media campaigns’ they had seen.