The power of the perfect marriage

Client: Sony
Campaign: Creatology



Sony Professional (Business to Business) was under threat on two fronts: small AV specialists like Red and big IT companies like Cisco.

We needed to develop a single narrative to unite a diverse range of businesses – a narrative that would be relevant and differentiating for customers as diverse as TV broadcasters, film-makers, wedding videographers, video security specialists, hospitals, and retailers.


Sony’s customers needed to be better at bringing together creativity and technology to create, capture, manage and monetise content.

With its experience in both the creation of high-end technology and content (through Sony BMG, Sony Pictures and Sony Playstation), Sony were best placed to service this need as they existed at the intersection of these two worlds.


‘Creatology’ – the beautiful collision of creativity and technology.

‘Creatology’ was not just used in advertising, it was used by the sales force to present their newly differentiated offer – it wasn’t just a communications idea it was a business tool.

We also built a web portal through which customers could experience the concept and view mini documentaries of Creatology in action.


‘Creatology’ became a platform that was used in communications across the businesses and across all media. Beyond the web portal, it was the central theme for Sony at IBC, Europe’s biggest AV-IT exhibition in Amsterdam, and became the thematic framework for creating content on their website and all PR. Crucially it became a consistent narrative that Sony personnel could use in their sales presentations to prospective clients.