Cutting through corporate complexity

Client: Shell
Campaign: New Energy Future



We had developed a brand idea for Shell Corporate – ‘Creative Energy’ that expressed how Shell create new energy solutions through a combination of determination, creativity and innovation.

We needed to find a way to convey to governments, NGO’s, scientists and academics across the world how ‘Creative Energy’ was being applied across thirty incredibly complex projects.


Our audience was exhausted by the continued rhetoric around the imminent demise of the planet and as a result were growing increasingly disengaged. They were seeking dialogue, real solutions and a greater sense of optimism.


We developed a platform ‘The New Energy Future’ that would allow Shell to create seminars, webinars and editorial where different points of view on solving the big energy challenges could be shared and solutions co-created. This platform also enabled us to develop advertising that would raise awareness of the various initiatives that Shell was already involved in.

Furthermore, we developed a visual language for the brand that allowed us to talk about the complex and abstract in a way that was distinctive and engaging, and yet simplified (without being dumbed down) by working with The Guardian illustrator Peter Grundy.


‘The New Energy Future’ became a theme that was adopted by the company to the highest level, it was incorporated into annual reports and shareholder meetings. Awareness and understanding of Shell’s diverse mix of solutions amongst ‘Special Publics’ grew significantly and as a result Shell’s perceived role in tackling energy problems increased.

Despite the complexity of the subject matter, 50% of the target in the US said the campaign was easy to understand. This figure was 53% in the UK.

Overall 73% of the target audience in the US felt slightly more favourable (53%) or much more favourable (20%) about Shell after seeing the campaign. The corresponding figure in the UK was 76% (32% feeling much more favourable and 44% feeling slightly more favourable).