The car that made the invisible visible

Client: Shell
Campaign: The Glass Car


We needed to drive sales of Shell Helix Ultra in over 45 markets across the world. The product was a break-through for the category; instead of just lubricating the engine, it also cleaned it.


Whilst our audience valued engine cleanliness, at the end of the day what they really want is improved engine performance.


We developed the idea ‘Performance You Can See’ and bought this to life by recreating an exact life-size replica of a Nissan 370Z out of high grade acrylic.


This ‘glass car’ not only conveyed how Shell Helix Oils kept an engine sparkling clean, but it also conveyed high technology and performance. The ‘Glass Car’ became a brand property that was used in print media (both consumer and trade), DM and at trade events.

It was a property that spoke for itself, in any country, in any language. Of three different approaches we took to into pre-testing research in Russia, India, Indonesia, China and Brazil two were rated as “very strong”, however Glass Car was ‘exceptional’. Glass Car was a “vivid demonstration of Helix’s cleansing power and conveyed superior technology” and was also highly engaging -“an idea that had not been seen before “The creative development testing was borne out in market. ‘Glass Car’ was the most effective campaign Shell Lubricants had run in over a decade.

How do you intelligently touch the raw human nerve around the world to communicate technical excellence (head) and passion (heart)? Go to Antidote - they did this for Shell globally.

– Raoul Pinnell, Former Chairman of Shell Brands International