London night buses are notorious for their late night antics, from the rolling beer bottles and people being sick, to the boisterous crowds and thrown kebabs. A night bus journey is a journey that most Londoners would probably prefer not to take. Now they don’t need to because Kabbee – the mighty minicab app – is here to save your night out. To communicate how Kabbee provides a affordable and convenient alternative to taking a night bus, we staged a daring stunt on a genuine yet quite special bus. On Friday 13th June 2014 a rogue night bus (The N13) stalked the streets of London. And it wasn’t just any night bus, it was a ‘Nightmare Bus’, picking up unsuspecting people and surprising them. What’s more, everything was secretly filmed for the rest of the world to enjoy. The film was created by Simon Dinsell , the director behind Derren Brown’s TV specials. Alongside the film which was pushed through PR and Kabbee’s social channels, we ran a 6-sheet campaign urging people to scrap the Nightbus and use Kabbee instead.