The website that brought generations together

Client: Shift (formerly known as 'We Are What We Do')
Campaign: Historypin



We Are What We Do wanted to break down the intergenerational divide. How could we get old people to spend more time with young people and vice versa?


The thing that young people are most fascinated in with older people is the stories about their past. Photos are the most powerful way to tell these stories, but most of them are gathering dust in lofts across Britain. If we could connect these personal archives with the web’s ability to store and share, we would create a powerful tool to liberate these histories whilst bringing different generations together.


Working with We Are What We Do, Essence and using the Google Maps API we developed a tool that enabled people to upload and geo-tag their photos and the stories behind them. (The really cool bit was being able to overlay these old pictures on Streetview as windows into the past).

We created the brand Historypin, and developed a visual identity that referenced the familiar analogue world to convey how this tool was both fun and easy to use.


In less than a year and with zero paid for media support Historypin has achieved the following:

Over 11 million page views
Over 440,000 unique visits
Over 45,000 photo uploads
Over 11,000 registrants

Historypin has also won the best website for a Non Profit organisation at the 2011 Webby Awards.

A big idea that is helping solve a social issue whilst creating a valuable (and fun) historic resource as a bi-product.