Client: Hastings Direct
Campaign: Refreshingly Straightforward Insurance


Hastings Direct had enjoyed impressive growth via the aggregator market.
Competitive pricing had always kept them near the top of comparison site tables.
However, their big ambitions for growth meant that the aggregator market alone wasn’t enough, which was when they came to us.
They needed to invest in the brand and carve out a compelling positioning that would attract customers to come to them direct.


General levels of trust in the insurance market had reached an all time low. Our research revealed that consumers were tired of exaggerated claims and gimmicky offers, and wanted an insurance company to be more honest and straightforward with their messages.


Refreshingly straightforward insurance


After 1 month of activity, spontaneous brand awareness increased 38%, and prompted brand awareness increased 14%.

Harry and Stephen, the brand mascots, achieved 100% correct brand attribution and 42% recognition.

The campaign was the most efficient in its market: spontaneous awareness was generated at 1/14th of the cost of the market leader.

Website visits doubled in test regions vs control.