The book that changed the world

Client: Shift (formerly known as 'We Are What We Do')
Campaign: Change the World for a Fiver


Launch a new Social Change Movement – “We Are What We Do” with no media money. We needed to create a self-funding piece of communication that would inspire people to take action and create fame for the brand.


In order to inspire people to change the world we needed to do two things:

1. Break big issues down into small manageable actions,

2. Make doing good fun (not worthy).


To get noticed and create talkability we needed to be audacious. Our solution was to create and publish a book of 50 small actions that could change the world. We priced it at £5. We called it “Change the World for a Fiver.”


The book has sold a little under 1.5 million copies worldwide and generated huge PR coverage.

At the last count the We Are What We Do community has undertaken 4.8 million recorded actions.

We have been working with Antidote for 6 years, across full campaigns, such as the hugely successful Change the World for a Fiver book andI'm Not a Plastic bag tote bag, in addition to discreet pieces of thinking and design, such as the striking name and visual identity for our recentHistorypin project. Across everything, we've worked more closely and collaboratively than we could with any other agency, sharing ideals and commitments, not only to changing the world, but also to the amount you can achieve with nothing to spend. At the top of almost every brief is a zero next to the marketing budget, yet at the end of every campaign we have millions of new participants, users and customers.

– Nick Stanhope, CEO, We Are What We Do

We love this little book.

– Heat Magazine

Change the World for a Fiver is full of great graphics and design quirks.

– Time Out Magazine