The music app you launched

Client: Bloom.FM
Campaign: * see reviews for details

You are a small start up with a great idea. You allow people to borrow whatever music they like on their phone for £1 a month.

Not surprisingly you’re doing pretty well by word of mouth and now you want to tell the world about it. But how do you do it?

How do you say you really are awesome? Answer: *Get your app store reviews to do it for you.


The Launch Idea

We realised that having the highest rated app of its kind on the app store led to some pretty interesting reviews for What better way of hailing your existence than getting real people to write your headlines for you? But rather than pull out the best reviews to show off our client’s wares (we’ve all seen these), we thought a bit of honesty and a smile would go down better with a younger, advertising-savvy audience.

The payoff line also directs people to the very place where they can interact with and download the app, namely the App store and GooglePlay platforms. A nice bonus.

The result is a London-wide mixed media campaign designed to showcase the many opinions of the public. And the conversation’s just started.

Keep your eyes peeled.

And check it out for a free trial here