All-New Mazda3

Client: Mazda
Campaign: Engineered to a Feeling


To create demand for the All-New Mazda3 by communicating Mazda’s promise – to always make cars that make you feel alive when driven.

Everything that Mazda does is for a reason – to make you feel something, a oneness with your car that stirs your senses, it’s a result of our human-centric focus and a refusal to let anything extraneous get in the way of the drive.


We were inspired by a quote from Chief Engineer Mitsui Hitomi, “We don’t just engineer to a spec, we engineer to a feeling.”

No other car manufacturer makes cars quite like Mazda. Like all other manufacturers, Mazda builds its cars around performance, technology, safety and beauty. But Mazda fundamentally create cars to make you, the driver, feel. In a sector that is rushing headfirst into automation – and a driving experience that makes you feel nothing – this is now more important than ever.

Our campaign showed how every car that leaves the Mazda factory must first be signed off at a special proving ground that conducts a final crucial test – a feeling test. When a new Mazda is created, these are the emotional responses we’re testing for.

Working with Oscar-winning director Joachim Back, we created a hyperreal world where it wasn’t the All-New Mazda3 being put through its paces, but the driver tested for the feeling it gives them. Set to Nat King Cole’s ‘Smile,’ sang by Heidi Vogel of The Cinematic Orchestra, the All-New Mazda3 sets hearts aflutter and pulses racing as it demonstrates how it is ‘Engineered to a feeling.’


The campaign debuted in March 2019 across 27 European markets.

Results to follow.