A pitch win and some fresh new work relaunching the Wales Rally GB for Motorsport UK.

World Rallying is different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

There can be few sports that deliver such an assault to the senses.

Motorsport UK tasked us to reposition and rebrand the event to expand the appeal of arguably motorsport’s best kept secret.

A sport that has refreshingly avoided the corporate revolution. We needed to turn the relative lack of accessibility into a positive.

A sport where spectators get closer to the event in every way. The high-stakes action is an explosion of noise and colour, with a good helping of mud, gravel and rocks thrown in for good measure.

Once witnessed, WRC live is never forgotten, every year the Wales Rally GB provides stories to tell and vivid memories that last a lifetime.

Hugh Chambers, CEO, Motorsport UK said of the campaign:

“Rallying is by no means one of the most accessible of sports on Earth but in so many ways that is its biggest attraction. The scenery is spectacular, the action is dramatic and the experience rewards spectators with vivid memories that last a lifetime. It’s no surprise Wales Rally GB has drawn record attendances in recent years – now our new messaging will encourage even more people to share in its magnetism and to create their own stories for life.”

The striking campaign identity welcomes a new audience into this unique world and we’re looking forward to continuing to tell the story as the Rally arrives in Wales in October.